Environment Friendly Pest Control

There is a growing need to opt for greener alternatives our environment needs it. Environmental sustainability has gained much importance over the years and this includes the pest control industry.


Switching to green alternatives for eco-friendly and safe elimination of pests without causing any harm to other plants and animals has gathered a lot of interest amongst consumers.


Importance of green pest control


Respecting our environment is everyone’s responsibility and it is something that affects every living creature alike. Over the long term, environment protection is very important. It is equally important to ensure technicians that have been through proper training and understand the safest application practices.


Incorporating latest advancements of scientific research to provide products that are economic but at the same time are safe and effective.  To ensure the launch of thoroughly tested products that are proven to be safe for humans, animals as well as surrounding ecosystems.


Your pets can be severely affected by the use of chemical pesticides. The use of pesticides in your backyard or lawn without inquiring about its chemicals could even become a cause for your pet’s untimely death.


What are the eco-friendly methods?


Pest control methods like fogging have a huge impact on the environment. Finding alternatives to such methods is the primary aim of eco-friendly control.


One such alternative is misting. It is similar to fogging but is a safe and eco-friendly process where the chemicals used do not cause harm to the plants or animals that surround you. This process forms a thin layer that coats the plants thus eliminating mosquitoes that feed on their sap.


For garden pest control the key is to identify your pest. This is important because using any control could eliminate insects that benefit your garden too. Many pest specific organic products are available for your usage.


Proper maintenance of your sanitation and utilities plays a very important role in pest control. Regular garbage disposal and clean floors and toilets keep pests away as they have no access to food or habitation.


Integrated pest management


This is the most vital factor in green pest control. The process aims at long term control and consists of a stepwise procedure- inspection of the area, identification of the issue and the last step is controlling the pest problem. The main target of this process is to manage the pest problem with least impact on people or the environment.

How To Pest Proof Your Garden?

Your garden is a great place to find peace and solace. Eating home grown vegetables and fruits are very enjoyable because they are coming from your own little garden. But, since you are growing plants, seeing pests worming their way across your garden should not surprise you. In fact, if you get pest control Singapore service done periodically, you will be able to keep your thriving. Alternatively, you can take certain preventive measures so that you can keep pest control treatment as a last resort.

Guard animals

Train your cat or dog to keep vigil around the garden. So, if a small animal such as a rabbit or a mice or a rodent enters your garden, then the guard animals will either eat them or chase them away. However, there is also a threat that while chasing the pests away, your plants will get damaged. Therefore, it is best to build barriers around the plants. You can even turn it into a sport for the guard animals by treating them for spotting snails or worms in your garden.

Keep your garden clean

Maintaining a garden is hard work and there are no short cuts here. Keeping your garden clean will maintain the overall hygiene and allow your plants quickly. The produce from the garden will be healthy and not spoilt due to pests.

Cover you plants

If you are worried about certain plants being attacked by pests such as worms, then you can cover the plants. Buy garden fabric and cover your plants so that they are not destroyed. You can also go for a bird netting to prevent your plants being eaten by birds.

Keeping moles and voles away

Moles eat worms and insects but not plants that are growing your garden. However, since they wriggle through the earth, they end up damaging roots and thereby cutting off the plant’s growth. Voles eat plants and roots along with earthworms and insects. In such cases, you can bury a mesh fence deep in the soil. This will create a barrier to stop them from reaching your plants.

Remove the weeds

If you do not remove the weeds, then you are destroying the plants. It also gives the insects and pests to eat away your already withered plants very quickly. In addition, your plants will be unable to grow the desired vegetable or fruit because of the weeds.


How to take care of your eyes?


Eyes: a vital organ:

Wise men have correctly opined that the eyes are indeed a window to one’s soul. Human connection is often established when people look into each other’s eyes. Without our eyes we will not be able to have our individuality. Eyes are the organs through which we see the outside world. It determines our world view. This is also known as vision. But apart from this philosophical angle, there is a very practical need of the eye, and that is sight. Sight is a physical phenomenon. It is the way in which light reflects different shapes of objects for us to be able to see it. Sight helps us to understand and perceive objects in motion.

It is both the sight and our vision that shape our understanding of the world. While sight gives us the physical understanding of an outer object, how we perceive and interpret it is determined by vision. Hence it is very important that we take proper care of our eyes. There might be many reasons that might hamper your vision. Hence it is of grave importance to take care of this sensitive organ before it is too late.

Taking care of your eyes:

There might be many problems that affect your eyes like:

  • Blind Spots
  • Blurred vision
  • Nearsightedness
  • Cataract
  • Glaucoma
  • Macular degeneration
  • Optic neuritis
  • Detached retina

To deal with the above mentioned problems of the eye, there are many ways in which you can take care of the eyes:

Eating a balanced diet: eat a holistic diet, including lots of green leafy vegetables and kale that has the nutrient lutein for eyes. Lutein for eyes help in reducing the risk for macular degeneration. Also include a lot of fish, citrus fruits and egg in your diet.

Stop smoking: quitting smoking is very important for you to be able to have a good eyesight as smoking causes cataract and macular degeneration.

Wear shades: while going out in the heat and in bright sunlight, always wear sunglasses as it protects your eyes from the UV rays of the sun. It also protects the eyes from glare and exhaustion.

Take a break from the computer screen: the rays from the computer screen or phone screen is hazardous for your eyes. Hence do not stare at these screen for too long. It causes dry eyes and fatigue.

Safety eyewear: if you are working in a hazardous environment like a factory always ensure to put on protective goggles.


A supplement unlike any other that works on the eyes and the entire body

Everyone knows that the right diet works well on every part of the body. Lutein, a carotenoid, is found in a variety of brightly colored fruits and vegetables primarily yellow and green and is extremely good for the eyes and the body in general. Surprisingly, it is also found in a number of greens that have a yellow pigment.


Most people hardly include the right amounts of nutrients in their meals. That is where lutein supplements work because it cuts back on eye disease, improves metabolism and rids the body of free radicals. The carotenoid also protects healthy cells and stops any malignant cells from taking over the body.


The retina, as we all know, is the lens of the eyes. Cataracts resulting from oxidation need to be cleared. Both the young and old benefit if they include the right dosage in their daily diet. Skin disorders, colon cancer, Type 2 Diabetes and coronary heart disease are slowly removed with the right amounts of yellow and green. Lutein combats macular degeneration, which invariably targets the elderly. People exposed to the harmful rays of the sun also need a daily dose of the carotenoid.


Here are some of the foods that have the right amounts of lutein to keep you going on a daily basis. Zucchini, eggs, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, okra, celery, green beans, red and yellow peppers, turnip greens, peas, tomatoes, carrots, squash, melons, cantaloupe, oranges, kale, tangerines, corn, romaine lettuce and a mix of greens.


The huge benefit that you get with lutein supplements is that it works as a preventive mechanism on the body. The eyes are the foremost beneficiaries. Many who suffer from dry eye syndrome, cataracts, and age-related disorders feel the effects of the supplement as free radicals do not take root.


Many people today are on a cocktail of health supplements. One of the main reasons is that work pressure makes it next to impossible to churn out healthy meals every day. A couple of prescription supplements can help one get on without causing the body to deteriorate. The body needs to function as a whole, which requires right amounts of nutrition.


The website http://alces.com.sg has information about the advantages of the carotenoid. However, it is not wise to pop pills as and when you want, even if it is a health supplement. Get the right dosage by the doctor and let lutein improve your quality of life as the mind and the body works in tandem.

Lutein can help fighting cataracts and macular degeneration


Two nutrients are responsible for keeping the eyes healthy and functioning throughout our lives. These nutrients are lutein and zeaxanthin. Though these nutrients are not well known, they, in fact, reduce the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. They help to protect against heart attacks caused due to the build-up of fat in the arteries. The carotenoids are present in high concentrations in plants and vegetables and generally appear as reddish yellow pigments. These nutrients absorb the blue light from the sunlight and prevent damages to the plants.

The lutein nutrient prevents macular degeneration in the eyes by blocking the blue light from reaching the retina. The damage when the excessive light of the sun enters the retina structures is called as light-induced oxidative damage. The lutein benefits and zeaxanthin benefits is that they increase the macular pigment density. This, in turn, protects the eyes and reduce macular degeneration. To increase the level of these pigments, consume fresh greens and colorful fruits. The fresh green leafy vegetables, green colored vegetables, and fruits are all considered as natural sources of lutein and zeaxanthin. Spinach and kale top the list of highly concentration foods with lutein and zeaxanthin. For the non-vegetarians, egg yolks contain a high amount of theses nutrients. But, the yolks are bad for people with high cholesterol.

A research was conducted to test the effect of zeaxanthin and lutein nutrients on the eye-related problems like cataracts and macular degeneration. During this research, the beta-carotene supplements were removed as they were known to increase cancer risks among smokers. 10mg of lutein and 2 mg of zeaxanthin consumption over a period of five years proved to modify the macular degeneration. The risk was reduced by nearly 10 to 25 percent. The research clearly proved lutein benefits on the human eyes. The prevention of macular degeneration was proved, but it was not conclusive whether these nutrients prevented cataracts. Diet with the high concentration of carotenoids like lutein is considered to reduce the occurrence of cataracts. Naturally, diets with fewer carotenoids will not help in the prevention of cataracts. The lutein and zeaxanthin supplements are yet to tested on the effects of cataract risk and prevention.

To conclude, include a diet rich in lutein and zeaxanthin nutrients. This should mostly comprise of naturally grown vegetables and fruits. The consumption of supplements should be avoided. If not possible, then get the supplements from a reputed dietary company. The supplements are known to cause adverse effects and the body might react differently.

Lutein Boosts Becoming An Athlete


Lutein, similar to the beta-carotene, can help you become more active. The foods high in lutein are spinach and kale. The eyes contain lutein to a large extent. This compound protects the eye in the sunlight. Lutein is soluble in fat and is not converted to Vitamin A, unlike the beta-carotene. It was noted that milk administered with lutein has resulted in a greater consumption than milk without lutein. During running, the active muscles utilize the lutein. The lutein is reduced in the blood during lots of physical activities. It is tested that rats tend to run faster when they were given milk and lutein.

Lutein is added to the chicken feed to make the yolks develop a strong color. The added lutein is absorbed by the human body and consumption of an egg increases the carotenoids levels in the blood. The negative effect of cholesterol is termed as false by the egg experts. However, some research still proves that LDL cholesterol, bad cholesterol, is increased by the consumption of egg. This causes in cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, a different experiment was conducted where rats were given milk administered with lutein in the labs. The kilometers covered by the rats administered with lutein protein was astonishing. The palmitoyltranserase 1 enzyme activity was increased in the muscle cells of the rats. The lutein benefits with milk clarified the increase in the energy levels, and the enzyme was burning the fats. The experiment also resulted in AMPK and pAMPK increase in the muscle cells. AMPK is the enzyme which is activated when the energy level decreases. The muscle cells develop and provide the endurance for the athletes. For humans, 10-15 mg of protein should be consumed. This can be in the form of fresh vegetables or supplements.

The nutritional supplements are costly and may be a wastage down the run. The athletes should know the correct usage and understand the lutein benefits. The supplements may work well for young men and could be the reverse for older women. The procedure of manufacturing these supplements also is a major concern. The ingredients may cause other adverse effects like increase in bad cholesterol and high blood pressure.  The sports governing bodies have restricted certain substances. So the athletes must take utmost care when choosing the supplements. Nutrients like lutein can be very good for the health and increase the endurance, but consuming the natural vegetables high in lutein is beneficial.

A Supplement that Proactively Keeps the Body in Tip-Top Condition


Everyone needs a dose of the right amounts of antioxidants to remove free radicals that take root in the cells, tissues, muscles, eyes, blood and many other parts of the body. Many plants – primarily vegetables and fruits that are brightly colored have the natural lutein benefits that the body requires. However, not many of us consume the right amounts on a daily basis. Here is a supplement (lutein) that keeps the body shipshape with the right dosage.

When the body is extremely stressed fatigue takes over. Overwork, worry, an underlying health condition, economic unrest, lack of nutrition, and other factors contribute to the fatigue. A supplement a day will remedy the problem.

Eyes that are the most prized possession in the body need revving up every single day. We have heard about the goodness of carrots and apples in juice form that does wonders. There are not many takers for this drink probably because it gets rather monotonous. A supplement a day will keep the eyes in pristine condition and stop degeneration.

The skin benefits tremendously as it acts as a natural sunscreen, however, one must not refrain from slapping on suitable sunblock cream! Nevertheless, since it does away with black spots, cuts back on the aging process and helps curb acne, lutein is the answer to your worries.

A heart that suffers from serious damage because of free radicals automatically shuts down. Lutein benefits the heart by reducing the fat cells in the blood that stick to the walls of the arteries. High cholesterol levels reduce in favor of good cholesterol preventing atherosclerosis from taking root.

The body as a whole cannot produce lutein and needs the right consumption on a daily basis. Experts believe that a minimum of 6 milligrams of the supplement a day is what is required to keep the mind and the body in tiptop condition. However, follow the doctor’s prescription to reap the rewards and never try to self-medicate.

Smokers, heavy drinkers, people suffering from long-standing illnesses, the obese, people with vision impairment feel the heat. The right concentration levels of the supplement as a dietary source will work as a proactive mechanism in arresting free radicals. In fact, even pregnant mothers can ingest the supplement, which works well for both mother and the baby in the womb.

The website http://alces.com.sg provides detailed information about the product and its effect as a whole on the body.



Eye and Vision Benefits of Lutein

Your eyes can function well as long as you live and remain healthy when you follow good nutrition practice. A vital eye nutrient, which may bring down the risk for eye conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration are lutein. It is possible that many people are not familiar with it. Lutein is a kind of carotenoid, which is widely present in plants and vegetables. While lutein is regarded as a yellow colored pigment, it looks orange-red in color when available in high concentration.
Lutein seems to absorb extra light energy in nature so that plants can be saved from damage caused due to excessive sunlight, particularly from blue light that is high-energy rays.
Interesting facts about lutein
Lutein is not only present in green and leafy plants and colorful vegetables and fruits, it is also found in human eyes’ macula in very high concentration from where the macula gets its yellowish shade. The other name used to refer to macula is “macula lutes” where macula in Latin means “spot” while lutes mean “yellow”.
According to the findings of some recent studies, there is a 3rd carotenoid in a macula, which is known as meso-zeaxanthin. The food sources do not contain this pigment and it looks that the ingested lutein created it in the retina.
It also appears that lutein constitutes of crucial antioxidant functions in human bodies. This important pigment along with some other natural antioxidants such as vitamin E, beta-carotene, and vitamin C protect your body from the damages caused by radicals. These are molecules that are not stable and may destroy cells, playing an important role in several diseases.
Along with vital vision and eye benefits, lutein is also known to protect accumulation of fatty deposits in your arteries. This condition is medically known as atherosclerosis. This is a condition that can even cause heart attacks.
Lutein benefits for your eyes
Many medical experts opine that the presence of lutein in your macula can obstruct the entry of blue light in the inner parts of the retina. Thus, the presence of lutein lowers the perils associated with damage called light-induced oxidative, leading to AMD or macular degeneration. Several pieces of evidence point that the presence of lutein in the food secure against disorders like macular degeneration and cataracts. Incidentally, both of them are eye disorders related to age. Moreover, fresh evidence from a research conducted recently pointed out that the presence of lutein can protect against your neck’s carotid arteries getting clogged. As mentioned before, it is a symptom associated with atherosclerosis.

How Super Lutein can do wonders for your Health

Based on a large number of studies conducted in the last twenty years, medical researchers believe that oxidation is the primary cause for degenerative diseases like coronary heart disease, cancer and diabetes. A diet rich in anti-oxidants and essential nutrients is recommended to combat oxidation.

Although all the essential nutrients and anti-oxidants can be obtained from food sources, there are a variety of nutrients and anti-oxidants required for many different purposes and a person has to consume a wide variety of food sources to obtain these nutrients and anti-oxidants. Additionally, a large amount of food is required to obtain adequate amounts of essential nutrients and anti-oxidants. Fortunately, there are a number of nutritional supplements that can provide enough nutrients and anti-oxidants that may be deficient in the diet. In the rest of this article, we look at one such nutritional supplement called Super Lutein.

Super Lutein, manufactured by Naturally Plus, is a nutritional supplement designed by Japanese researchers. Launched first in the Japanese market in 1999, this product has achieved spectacular success not only in Japan but also in other Asian countries. Its unique formula that has been updated at regular intervals over the last fifteen years is responsible for its sustained popularity.

Owing to the wide variety of nutrients present in Super Lutein, customers can enjoy many health benefits by using this nutritional supplement.

There are six carotenoids in Super Lutein. They are Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Lycophene, a-carotene, b-carotene and crocetin. In addition to these six carotenoids, there are five other nutrients available in this supplement. They are blueberry, black currant, DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), Vitamin E, and Vitamin B complex. The health benefits of most of these substances are listed below.

  • Lutein benefits in reversing age-related macular degeneration is truly remarkable. It is also a powerful anti-oxidant that reduces oxidative stress in the body.
  • Zeaxanthin: Located in the macular region of the eye, this yellow-orange pigment also boosts vision and prevents degenerative conditions in the eye.
  • A carotene and b carotene: Available in the yellow and orange pigments in pumpkins and carrots, these substances can be converted into Vitamin A in the body. Night vision is enhanced by these carotenoids.
  • Anthocyanin: A potent vision enhancing phytochemical extracted from black currants, this ingredient has captured the vision of researchers worldwide.
  • DHA (docosahexaenoic acid): Fish oil and breast milk are excellent sources of this unsaturated fatty acid. It plays a vital role in the formation of the cerebrum.
  • Vitamin E: The benefits of this vitamin are its ability to fight oxidation and boost immunity.

Other ingredients like Vitamin B Complex, Lycophene, and Crocetin also enhance the nutritional value of Super Lutein, making it an outstanding product to enjoy optimum eye health and overall health.

Review of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

What is HIFU?

Ultrasound has long been used in the field of medicine as an imaging technique for diagnosis. However, the recent decade has seen the emergence of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound as an effective method of therapy. In the beginning, it was used for the removal of malignant tumors, but now it has found a niche in the field of cosmetic treatment. As people tend to prefer non-surgical, non-invasive methods more and more, HIFU is rapidly gaining popularity – especially with the added appeal of lesser risk, lower cost and quicker healing.

How It Works

Ultrasound diagnostic techniques make use of sound waves higher than that of normal hearing to produce images. In High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, sound waves with much lesser frequency and higher levels of energy are used to penetrate to a specific area without causing damage to the surrounding tissues. HIFU eliminates the need for injection or incision and is thus a favored method for people who cannot undergo the traditional surgical treatments.

Individual beams of ultrasound passes through the tissue without any effect, but an acoustic lens causes these beams to converge at a focal point that is the area under treatment. The energy produced can have beneficial thermal or even mechanical effects. It is similar to the use of a magnifying glass to start a fire by focusing sunrays at a specific point.

What HIFU Does

HIFU in Singapore can be used to correct sagging skin, drooping eyelids, crow’s feet etc. As a person advances in age, the production of collagen, which is the fiber in the connecting tissues of the face, ceases and even the existing collagen starts to break down which results in facial sagging and wrinkles. HIFU stimulates the process of collagen rebuilding and restores the face to its original youthful beauty.


HIFU has revolutionized the field of cosmetic treatment, yet it is poised to make even bigger breakthroughs as it is still in its infancy. However, it is undeniable that it has proved to be a boon beyond compare to those who dread surgical treatments. As it is a fact that each individual is unique, it is necessary to identify the treatment that will be effective and harmless for each person. Hence, it is necessary to consult an experienced dermatologist who can identify what suits you best. There are famous dermatologists in the major cities of US, UK, Canada, Singapore etc. who can give more details on this new technology.

How You Can Benefit From Lutein

Before you know the benefits of lutein supplements, you must know what lutein is. Lutein belongs to the carotene family and this carotenoid is naturally present in some of the foods, including a few fruits, egg yolks, corn and green and leafy vegetables.

Since lutein bestows a good number of benefits on you, you must ensure that you get adequate doses of it. But how will get it if you do not eat the foods that contain this nutrient? The easiest way for this is to go for lutein supplements. The main benefit you will get by consuming these supplements is that you can protect yourself from the bad effects of free radicals. If free radicals are not countered suitably, they may negatively impact many organs of the body and more particularly, the skin, the eyes, the stomach, hair and the brain. Let us now see how consuming lutein supplements on a regular basis can maintain the health of your hair and skin.


It has been proved beyond doubt that free radicals can wreck havoc on the health of hair and hair growth. Since they can accelerate the aging process one of the main symptoms, hair-fall, chances of people losing their hair rapidly are very high. By keeping the ill effects of these free radicals at bay by consuming lutein supplements, you can prevent hair-fall and maintain the health of your hair.


Free radicals can cause another damage. They can affect the skin as well. It is a known fact that the skin is the largest organ of the body and issues with the skin will be very much “visible.” It is true that there may be wrinkles on the skin due to aging. But the aging process may be hastened due to these free radicals. The skin may lose its moisture also.

If you opt to consume lutein supplements on a regular basis, you can escape from the bad effects of free radicals, which means you need not worry about premature aging. This again means that your skin will not lose its moisture. Therefore, you can prevent wrinkle formation. The skin will remain smooth as well, thanks to the moisture present in it. In other words, lutein can help you in maintaining the health of your skin.

To summarize, if your daily foods do not consist of eggs, corn, green leafy vegetables or fruits, you can opt for lutein supplements for getting the lutein required for maintaining the health of your skin, hair and other organs.

When to opt for fillers over Botox

One’s face keeps aging throughout life. The process begins when one reaches their 20s and increases further as the age advances. The effects of aging first show on your face and neck area and can get accelerated due to lifestyle, personal and environmental factors. Skin sagging, fine lines and wrinkles typically occur on cheek, eyelids, chin, neck, nose and forehead. Smoking, stress, diseases, dramatic weight loss and exposure to extreme temperatures can accelerate the process. Various measures and treatments like Botox, laser and dermal cheek fillers are available, which can regenerate your skin to gain some volume. Let’s quickly glance at what fillers and Botox usually are and how they help in reducing aging signs.

Filler – Dermal fillers involve injecting substances under one’s skin to reduce and remove wrinkles, skin sagging or lip enhancement. These treatments are safe, painless and have long lasting effects.

* Usage – Dermal fillers usually contain hyaluronic acid and collagen both of which are present in the human body. These substances when injected under the skin are able to remove wrinkles and fill in fine lines. The treatment is relatively inexpensive and can last for six to nine months.

Gel based facial fillers like cheek fillers are also available which give a longer lasting effect. These fillers contain microspheres, which are small round particles that are suspended under the skin to remove deep lines. The effect of this treatment lasts from 18 months to five years as well.

* Target face areas – Middle and lower part of the face responds best to filler technology.

Botox – Use of Botox is another way of removing wrinkles and improving one’s look. Fillers and Botox work very differently from each other. If you have experienced a volume loss in your skin then Botox will not be very helpful. It is not the ideal treatment to fill in any wrinkles or lines present in such area.

Some doctors recommend beginning Botox treatment when the skin has good volume in it and the creases just begin to appear. Botox treatments are not very effective once creases settle down in the skin.

* Usage – Botox tends to relax the muscles under the skin, which pull the skin and are the cause of lines and wrinkle formation.

* Target face areas – Areas near the eyes, lines between the eyebrows and those on forehead respond extremely well to Botox.

A brief look into how hydrogen water is manufactured

Oxygen is a vital element in the chemical processes that enable our bodies to function properly. However, owing to certain chemical reactions in our cells, reactive oxygen species (ROS), highly reactive molecules containing oxygen-free radicals, are produced, resulting in a process called oxidation, which can cause a lot of damage to the healthy cells. Aging is a consequence of oxidation. Our bodies require substances that can neutralize the reactive oxygen in our bodies and minimise the damage caused by oxidation.

An anti-oxidant is a compound that counters the damage caused by oxygen-free radicals. Water enriched with hydrogen like Izumio Hydrogen Water has anti-oxidant properties that can improve a person’s health quite remarkably.

After the water is consumed, its hydrogen is converted into hydrogen anions, or active hydrogen, which reacts with the reactive oxygen and neutralizes it. As a result, the harmful effects of reactive oxygen are greatly reduced. In addition to its anti-oxidant properties, hydrogen has anti-inflammatory properties that can heal chronic ailments.

Given the health benefits of hydrogenated water, it is interesting to learn how this product is made.

The hydrogenation of water is achieved through electrolysis. The process involves passing an electric current through the water in order to decompose the water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen gas. As pure water is a poor conductor of electricity, the addition of a small amount of ions can speed up the process.

The water molecule H2O splits into a H+ ion and a OH- ion. The OH- ion goes to the positive electrode or anode, where it oxidises into oxygen gas (O2) and hydrogen ions H+. The H+ ion goes to the negative electrode or cathode, where it accepts an electron and is reduced to a hydrogen atom (H). Owing to its instability, this hydrogen atom combines with another hydrogen atom to produce molecular hydrogen gas (H2). The water containing this dissolved hydrogen gas is called hydrogenated water.

The second method to produce hydrogen enriched water is to add magnesium to the water. Owing to its alkali earth properties, magnesium (Mg) reacts with water (H2O) to produce magnesium hydroxide (MgOH) and hydrogen gas (H2). A similar result can be obtained by using potassium (K) and sodium (Na). However, the reaction can result in an explosion and hence magnesium is preferred for this reaction.

Many hydrogen enriched water brands like Izumio Hydrogen Water are in the market today to cater to the growing demand for this water. The studies conducted to evaluate the health benefits of this water look very promising indeed.

A Guide to Fillers

Fillers are used to repair signs of skin ageing, to boost the skin by adding volume, to fill in fine lines and wrinkles and stimulate collagen to a certain extent. When cheek fillers are injected into the skin, new fibroblast activity is stimulated, prompting collagen-creation. Cheek fillers are revolutionary in the way they have boosted appearances and self-confidence in individuals at an older age, without being a burden on health or the pocket.

The average age group of candidates opting for fillers is 40-60. More than age, the treatment depends on the quality and nature of the person’s skin as it gives the doctors a precise idea about dealing with it. Hence it is necessary that the candidate inform the concerned specialist about his/her medical history prior to deciding on a surgery. Each person has a unique skin-type and unique set of health factors. Once the dermatologist and/or plastic surgeon understands the candidate’s skin type, a suitable anti-ageing plan is chalked out, covering necessary procedures and skincare regimens.

Different types of fillers target different parts of the skin. One must identify in advance which areas of skin need the earliest attention. Hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane, Juvederm and Perlane usually require just one session and are used for adding volume to the lips and cheeks. The effects of these fillers last between 4 to 9 months and are perfectly safe. On the other hand, Radiesse and Sculptra Aesthetic show results only after a series of treatments, and are applied on candidates with more prominent signs of ageing: extreme facial fat loss, marionette lines, deeper smiles and wrinkled chin.

It is wise to start off with a smaller area for filling, and as early as possible. After a bit of experience and confidence, one can proceed to treating larger areas of the skin henceforth. It is easier to control early signs of ageing with fillers and at a lower cost, than acute wrinkles and loss of volume.

It is to be remembered that the filling procedure is safe and minimally invasive, causing hardly any pain or adverse effects. Prior to the surgery, specialists use topical ointments, anaesthesia and ice to avoid discomfort. This also prevents any chance of bruising. Dermal fillers require maintenance, and depending on the part of body, the type of filler used and the person’s body chemistry, one has to visit the specialist from once to about four times a year.

Botox Use Gaining Mass Popularity Among Young Women

Cosmetic treatments have always been more popular with females than with males. One of the most popular cosmetic treatments of this age is Botox and many young women are going for it. The main reason why the Botox has become so popular is because it actually works. It is quite common for cosmetic treatments to promise excellent results and turn out to be disappointments later on. Studies conducted on the treatment have shown that Botox is effective and reduces facial lines beautifully.

How Botox really works

The word Botox comes from the protein Botulinum toxin produced by the bacterium clostridium botulinum. The neurotoxin produced from the bacterium is introduced into facial muscles via an injection. It weakens the muscles, thereby reducing the formation of wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and the rest of the face. It is a temporary procedure and requires a trained dermatologist or plastic surgeon to do the procedure. Botox users go for the treatment at least once or twice a year and the results have been astounding so far. Not only has it managed to reduce wrinkles but it also gives a youthful appearance and makes one look a lot younger.

Start at a young age for better results

Botox was initially used by older women who wanted to regain their youthful appearance. However, there are more and more young women going for the cosmetic treatment these days. Women as young as 20 or 21 years old have undergone the treatment. The major reason for this is that starting at an early stage reduces the onset of wrinkles by many years. Research has shown that women who got Botox at an early age hardly show signs of wrinkles even when they reach their forties. It has gained approval from the FDA and last year more than 6.7 million procedures were performed on individuals.

From 2013 to 2015, the number of young people who went for Botox increased by 64%. Most people were under the age of 30 and it included mainly women.

According to research data, it can be confidently said that the popularity of Botox is not going to decrease anytime soon. People have become quite conscious about their looks, especially young women, who view looks as a socially important factor. It is also important to note that over the last few years, Botox procedures have improved both in terms of technology and results.

Understanding rat bites and how to prevent them

If you are dealing with rodents, be careful of rat bites. If a rat bites or scratches you, it is likely that that you will contract rat bite fever. You can also get it if your food or water gets contaminated by rats feces or urine. There are ways of preventing rat bite fever and treatment options are available. But remember that wounds, if left untreated can become a serious issue. You can treat it at home as a temporary solution but expert medical advice should always be considered.

Signs and symptoms

The most common sign of a rat bite is pain associated with the bite. Other signs include swelling and redness around the area. Secondary infections might lead to a wound filled with pus. Streptobacillary rat bite fever and spirillary rat bite fever are two types of rat bite fevers and differ in the type of bacterial infections. In streptobacillary rat bite fever, the symptoms are the same as rat bites along with vomiting and muscle ace. The symptoms are visible after 3-10 days of getting the bite. Spirillary rat bite fever include ulcers in addition to the other symptoms of rat bites. The symptoms show after 1-3 weeks after the rat bite.

Treating wounds

Treating rat bites immediately can reduce the effect to a certain limit. Rat bites can be treated easily in homes but requires immediate attention. In case the bleeding persists, seeking medical help is the best course of action. The following steps should be followed immediately after a rat bite.

1. If the finger is injured, the blood circulation should not be stopped. Remove rings if there are any and allow blood to flow.

2. Apply direct pressure on the wound to reduce blood loss. The wounds can be deep and applying pressure ensures that blood loss is minimized.

3. Clean the injured area with warm water and soap.

4. Apply hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the wound. Even rubbing alcohol works.

5. Apply Bactoderm cream.

6. Cove the wound with a band-aid or with gauze tapes if the area is larger.

7. Remove bandages, apply antibiotic and cover it up with fresh bandages every day.

The above steps are temporary and if the pain still persists or if bleeding continues, then go to a doctor immediately. You should consider getting a company that does rat control in Singapore , to get rid of the rate problem.

Difference between pest control services and fumigation services

Not everyone may know the difference between pest control services and fumigation services. There are some people who use these terms interchangeably and it shows that they are not aware of the difference between these two services. There are also people who call up a pest control company and request for fumigation services in Singapore . If you are one among these people, it is time you understand the difference between these two services. Let us find out.

Pest Control

Pest control involves management or controlling one or more pest species. The word “control” clearly indicates that the companies that operate in this field will only be able to control or manage pests. In fact, using methods to control pests is more appropriate in the present-day context of according a lot of importance to environmental protection.

On the other hand, elimination of pests involves highly harmful and toxic chemicals. These may not only harm people if they are not used properly but may negatively impact the environment also. Remember, most of the pests have capabilities to adapt to varied circumstances and environments and hence, eliminating them can be a difficult task unless professionals make use of various methods that involve chemicals.

Pests have another capability also. They can bring massive changes to their behaviors and these changes include those in their hiding strategies and activity timings. This means that even if the professionals use highly toxic chemicals for eliminating them, they may refuse to go away. This means total elimination of pests can be said to be a Utopian dream. 

Experts point out that the chemicals used in these operations, however powerful or toxic they may be, cannot kill the pests that are in various stages of infestation. That is why pest control companies limit their activities to tasks like screening the spots where these pests live and seal such spots so they do not make a grand entry into homes or commercial buildings. These companies can easily obtain the license for operating in this field.


Fumigation is very much different from pest control because it involves control of pests by deploying fumes. But fumigation is also a method to for controlling the problem of pests. But companies that undertake pest control tasks do not do fumigation. In general, export companies and those that deal with various types of commodities opt to get fumigation done. In fact, fumigation has to be necessarily done for exporting items and more particularly, edible items. In fumigation, inorganic and volatile chemical gases are released into the chambers that contain commodities or export items.

So, the main difference between pest control services and fumigation services in Singapore is that the methods involved in the former need not involve fumigation, though fumigation is also one of the methods to control pests.

Pest infestations: more dangerous than you might realize

We all want to buy a house for ourselves. House hunting is a tough job. Even if we are renting a house or flat for ourselves, it can be quite a strenuous task. But even tougher than this is the task to find yourself a pest-free house. What is pest infestation? Pest infestation happens when some insect or reptile, like rats infest your house. They reduce the longevity of commodities. They even infect food items and can be a source of epidemic and diseases. Eradicating pests from your house can quite a mammoth task, considering that pests are quite stubborn.

Pests are very good at hiding. Thus there is a high chance that you will not be able to locate them. Even in urban places like Singapore, pests can pose a big problem. Thus you will find many pest control centers and rat control in Singapore. There are however, some signs that tell you that your house is pest infested:

If you find dead bugs on window ledges or your basement, be sure that your house is in danger

If you find pest droppings, you can be hundred percent sure that there is a pest infestation.

Some pests like rats and mice make a nest out of anything that they find available. Thus if you find a rat nest, make sure you call rat control.

At times, pests, especially rats, leave trace when they travel distances in your house. if you find such traces, make sure you call pest control.

Termites eat up your wood products and are extremely destructive. They spread very fast too. If you see sawdust around your wooden furniture, check for termites.

How dangerous are pests?

Pests are more dangerous than you think. Controlling pests may be the last thought on your mind. But pests can actually cause deadly diseases. Even if you are living in developed regions like Singapore, it does not ensure that you are free from the danger of pests. Even in Singapore, you might just spot a rat in the crevice in your kitchen. Thus rat control in Singapore is needed and must be implemented religiously.

We usually spread DDT powder and bleaching powder around drains and think that pests will be controlled. But that is not enough: to truly control pests, one must follow a strict routine of cleanliness and tidiness. If your house is clean, there are remote chances of pest infestation.

Why It Is Important To Hire Mosquito Control Services In Winter?

If you thought that you can take a break from availing mosquito control services during this winter, you could not have been more wrong. Winter is that time of the year when you may not find many pests including mosquitoes outside since it is really cold out there. Just like human beings seek for warmer places so that they can survive the chilly winter, so do mosquitoes. So, what better place for these bugs when your home seems to be the safest place for them? That is precisely the reason why you must focus on hiring a good mosquito control services in winter .

Firstly, you need to realize that the mosquitoes will not disappear when fall arrives. In fact, there are innumerable people have complained of mosquito bites in fall and also in winter. So it really makes sense to track the hiding places for mosquitoes in your house including the garden and the yard. But, even though you get a fair idea about their hiding places, your job is not over since you have to also control them. The process of mosquito control could be quite complicated without even trying to hunt their whereabouts.

So what should be done next?

The above discussion indicates that female mosquitoes that have reached adulthood would be alive even in winters. And they will be hiding in all those places that are safe from the low temperatures. Now that you have identified their hiding places, it is now time to have their growth controlled as quickly as possible.

Opt for preventive actions

In order to reduce your pest troubles during the winters, you should be taking preventive actions like making sure first that your home is clean and free from dirt. You need to also ensure that all your pillows and rugs if any have been ventilated well. Places in your home like the attic that does not receive adequate sunlight must be aerated.

Hire the services of a mosquito control professional

When you have taken all preventive actions and yet find mosquitoes in the house, you need to ask a pest control professional to visit your home for an inspection and then suggest an appropriate pest treatment. Reputed pest control companies can offer effective and long-term solutions for families and homeowners, A pest control professional may use a variety of methods and treatment techniques for ensuring that your house is free of all types of pests including mosquitoes.

What WHO has to say about cockroach control

No one may say that they like cockroaches, being wonderful insects. In other words, cockroaches are considered repulsive creatures. Unfortunately, not many people know the right ways to deal with them. Of course, there are a few sprays available in the market but they are effective only temporarily. Not only that, these sprays and chemicals can potentially harm the pets and small kids in homes. You should therefore know what big organizations like WTO say about cockroach control before embarking upon the right ways to drive away these insects from your home.

WHO has conducted several studies about these creatures and how they can spread organisms like the bacteria that can spread dreadful diseases like diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, plague, leprosy, viral fevers and typhoid. Their studies have also proved that cockroaches have the capabilities of carrying the eggs of those parasitic worms that may result in allergic reactions such as itching, dermatitis, swelling in the eyelids and highly serious respiratory issues. 

WHO studies point out how cockroaches can move without restrictions from one building to another and from drains, sewers, toilets, and gardens to where humans live. Since cockroaches feed on human food items as well as feces, they can easily and rapidly spread disease-causing germs. 

Though the CDC or the Center for Disease Control and Prevention also echoes what WHO studies say, they hasten to add that there is no evidence to prove that cockroaches are responsible for the outbreak of specific diseases. But laboratory researches conducted by them have also revealed that these insects carry the poliomyelitis virus, Entamoeba histolytica, and Salmonella typhimurium.

The CDC came out with another article in which they said that cockroaches have the capabilities to harbor Escherichia coli, Klebsiella spp., Enterobacter spp., Acinetobacter baumannii, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and a number of various other types of non-fermentative bacteria. These insects also have the capabilities to carry other bacteria pertaining to different types of fungi and parasites as well as their cysts.

As the WHO has pointed out how cockroaches can cause allergic reactions like serious respiratory issues, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has also said that their studies during the 70’s have proved that there is a connect between these insects and asthma. In the studies, it was found that patients who inhaled cockroach allergens had bouts of asthma attacks that lasted for hours. 

According to the CDC, a workable cockroach control solution is certainly available and it is to seek the help of a good pest management company with experience in adopting IPM techniques or Integrated pest management techniques.

Average Cost of Pest Control Services in Singapore

As compared to the last few decades, a pest menace has risen alarmingly in Singapore. A forgotten pest – the bedbug has reappeared. When the number of tourists increased, so did the pest population. Pest control services in Singapore experts comment saying , that in most cases a pest infestation goes unnoticed till the time it becomes wide-spread.

Apart from bedbugs, other pesky pests are mosquitos, rodents, lizards, moths and flies. Pest management can be undertaken by following a few simple measures. When identified early, pest control steps are simple and do not call for professional help. When the situation is beyond containment, you will need to call on a pest control agency like PestBusters.

Cost of hiring a pest control agency

The service price of pest control varies from agency to agency. A few factors like geographical location of your house, pest type, service type and extent of infestation decides the total cost. The cost of pest control treatment also depends on whether a professional is hired or if you take it up personally after purchasing the required chemicals.

Given the state of economy, it is a better choice to perform pest control on your own. A DIY project will be successful if you know the procedure right and when the infestation limits are manageable. The cost in such cases is as low as $50, which is mostly spent on chemicals. Other pest control measures like cleaning the garden, trimming the hedges and sealing off cracks and holes, cost next to nothing.

You will have to hire a professional pest control agency when you face termite and bedbug infestation. Cost of hiring a pest control agency is influenced by the frequency of visits, the type of products used, the method of pest elimination adopted and infestation degree. Most Singapore pest control agencies’ charge will not fluctuate based on the services availed.

The average cost of hiring a pest control company Singapore is $30-$40 for monthly regular services, or up to $85 for quarterly services. The average cost of termite eradication starts at $60 and can go up to $200. Roaches are more expensive to deal with; the starting price is at $120. If you call the services for an inspection, the charges for the same can be as high as $400. When special treatment measures like thermal blast is used, the charge increases significantly ($1000/room).

While choosing an exterminator service, decide based on their experience and not cost.

What Are Free Radicals And Why Are They Harmful?

Free radicals, also called oxidants, are the unavoidable by-products of the metabolic process of the human body. Since they are a result of metabolism, they are formed on a continuous, daily basis. They are toxic molecules that form when food is broken down by the body, but could also result from exposure to environmental factors like pollution, tobacco smoke, pesticides and so on. The reason these oxidants are dangerous is that they can attack and damage healthy cells in the body, and thus cause a number of health problems.

These free radicals are molecules that contain an odd number of electrons, as opposed to normal molecules that contain an even number. This makes free radicals highly unstable, with the effect that the one free, unpaired electron tries to hook up wherever it can find a pair, even in a healthy cell. Some free radicals are also needed by the body, to fight off disease-causing bacteria and viruses. When a healthy cell’s constitution is thus disrupted by a free radical, it changes and could potentially make the person very sick. This happens on a large scale in the human body, with numerous free radicals attacking a great number of healthy cells and causing significant disruptions in their functioning and make-up. It is a chain reaction, where each healthy cell that is attacked releases one free electron, which again attacks other healthy cells in order to find a pair.

Excessive oxidation affects the efficient functioning of the body’s systems, and causes acidity. It is said that over 90% of the diseases that affect the body, as well as aging, are caused by oxidation. Free radicals accumulate with age, if they are not balanced out properly.

To fight the problem of oxidants, antioxidants are included as a part of the dietary intake. These substances either absorb the harmful free radicals, or help to remove them from the body. By absorbing the excess, they prevent the domino effect of free radicals arising. They also boost the immune system and repair cellular damage caused by oxidation. The antioxidants themselves also get used up in this process. Regular and adequate consumption of anti-oxidant rich foods ensures a continuous supply of these. Fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and berries are some of nature’s best anti-oxidant foods. Left to itself, with a generous amount of anti-oxidants, the body can manage the problem. But when environmental factors increase the activity of free radicals, the body needs help to overcome the problem. Try Izumio drinking water in order to improve your health and give your body the required anti-oxidants.

How will you know your house is termite infested?

We all have that dream, the dream to have a house of our own. Many of us are unable to build a house of our choice because of various limitations-time constraint, economic constraint, resource crunch, lack of a suitable area, lack of a plot. Hence we usually tend to search for a house that meets not only our needs but is also close to our dream. However, for your dream house to remain as a dream, there has to be certain inspections done before your purchase. One such inspection is to see if the house is termite infested or is infested with any kind of rodent.

Singapore is a place where industrialization and corporatization has happened at a very rapid pace. You have people from all over the world setting up their business in Singapore. Thus to work in these companies, not only natives but also people from all over the world flock to Singapore. Thus there is always a demand for houses and flats in Singapore. Also, flats and houses are let out on rents and leases. Thus they pass from one owner to another. Not everyone takes the same level of care of the house. Thus it is all the more needed to carry out termite control in Singapore.

Signs of termite:

One of the most common questions that we all ask is how are we to detect termite infestation in a house? It is very difficult to locate a termite as they generally don’t show externally. However, some signs can tell you that the dream house you are looking for is termite infested. The three basic signs are:

* Discarded wings of termites found on window sills. This usually happens when the termites swarm out to create a new nest.

* Mud tubes found where the ground meets the wall. These are pencil shaped lines found in places where there is food, like trees.

* Damage to wood, especially furniture, wall and floor. Termites destroy wood as they feed on wood for cellulose. This leads to long grooves being formed in the wood. This in turn makes the wood weak and hollow.

If you find these signs in your house, then termites are active in your house, whether you are in Singapore or some other part of the world. Thus termite control in Singapore is your only way out , if you want to buy the house of your dreams.

Which Diseases Are Caused By Mosquitoes?

Today, a significant portion of the earth’s population is said to be in danger due to deadly diseases spread by bugs such as mosquitoes, sand flies and ticks. It is interesting to note that blood is sucked only by female mosquitoes since their eggs get nutrients from human blood. Though these insects are tiny, they are deadlier than most animals on earth. What is more surprising is that mosquitoes can travel for some miles to carry their meals which are blood. So, if you find that your home is bring invaded by mosquitoes, it is time for you to go for mosquito fogging for the safety of your loved ones.

Here are some of the reasons why mosquitoes are really bad for human health.

They are known to be the cause of Yellow fever

Yellow fever is a deadly disease spread by mosquitoes killing about 30,000 people every year, It is a fever-causing viral hemorrhage with no known treatment. Victims suffer from serious illness and many patients have chances of recovery. Yet about 15 percent of the affected can get into a toxic stage when the bleeding starts internally. Slowly, organs start failing too. Sadly enough, 50 percent of the people who enter into this stage do not survive. However, there is a good vaccine for this illness and a single dose offers immunity for the rest of your life. There are many nations who do not let foreign travelers enter into their territory without carrying evidence of their vaccination.

Mosquitoes have exposed the world to the dangers of dengue

Dengue is a fever that is extremely painful so it is little wonder that its other name is break bone fever. Dengue is also known to be a disease caused by mosquitoes that can spread quite fast and about 40 percent population on the planet is presently at risk. Every year, millions of people suffer from this fever all over the world. Although it is not a fatal illness, it can cause deaths among kids and is known as a leading cause of children’s death in many Asian and Latin American nations. The illness when severe may also cause hemorrhage that leads to continuous vomiting, impairment of organs and consistent bleeding.

Dengue fever cannot be prevented by any vaccine or medicine. The only way to treat dengue patients is to keep them hydrated.

Mosquitoes also cause Malaria causing innumerable deaths every year

It is a flu-like illness caused by female mosquitoes called Anopheles causing high fevers and chills. It can even kill patients if not treated on time.

To make sure that you steer away from the diseases that mosquitoes cause call in professionals who handle mosquito control services .

When is Fumigation Necessary?

Fumigation has always been considered a very important part of pest controlling processes. But not many people may want to get their buildings fumigated but if their homes or commercial buildings have been seriously infested by pests, fumigation becomes very much necessary.

The companies that offer fumigation services in Singapore may not immediately agree to carry out the process. They will depute professionals from their offices to inspect the building where the owner has requested for fumigation. They will try to know the species of pests that have infested the place and they will also assess the intensity of infestation. Such a threadbare inspection will help them decide whether to carry out the process at all. It will also help them determine the chemicals that have to be deployed in the process.

Once the professionals feel that the process has to be necessarily carried out, they will swing into action. But you should also know if fumigation has to be necessarily conducted in your building. Let us have a look.

1. If your building has been infested by termites, you have to necessarily get fumigation conducted. A study points out that drywood termites are capable of living for many years. These insects can damage clothes, dry walls and even floors. That is the reason you are advised to go for a fumigation process for getting rid of them.

2. A few pests can damage the wooden infrastructure of homes. These insects cannot be eliminated using normal pest control methods. That is why you should get fumigation carried out for eliminating these insects.

3. If your home has been infested by bed bugs, you must necessarily go for a fumigation process. Bed bugs are sleep-spoilers and so, you and your family members may lose peace of mind due to loss of sleep. The health of everyone may also get spoiled. So, opt for a fumigation process if bed bugs have infested your home.

The professionals who belong to the company that offers fumigation services in Singapore will provide you with the information as to which fumigants they will be deploying for carrying out the process in your building. The professionals will also provide you with the precautionary steps you should take before and while the fumigation process is carried out.

Of course, there are different opinions about fumigation because a few harmful chemicals may be deployed in the process. So, following the precautionary steps suggested by the professionals is very important.

Secrets Will Make Your Clean Out Closets Look Amazing

While I enjoy the colorful scenery and falling leaves, I have to admit that Fall is one of my least favorite times of the year. Yes, it’s pretty outside. Yes, there is usually one or two nice days of weather. But, inevitably, the thought of Fall brings with it the thought of WINTER and cold, snowy, house-bound days.

The start of Fall weather also means it’s time to CLEAN OUT CLOSETS. Summer clothes need to be put away. Sandals need cleaned off and stored, and swimming suits are long forgotten.

While an afternoon of sorting and boxing my children’s clothes is not my idea of a good time, an organized system of buying and storing children’s clothes can save a lot of money. And that’s money I could be using for something else, right?

1. Buy clothes out of season. As soon as garage sales start in the Spring, I begin hunting for children’s clothes for all seasons. If I find something my daughters can’t wear for warm weather, I store it in storage box in their closet, to be used a few months later. Spring is also a good time to buy winter clothes on clearance racks at discount and department stores, just as now is a great time to purchase Spring and Summer clothes on sale. The Fall is also a great time to shop at garage sales. Many parents will sell their children’s summer clothes at the end of the season.

2. Know your children’s sizes and make a list for yourself and for Grandma. At the beginning of each season, I make a list of my daughters’ current sizes and the sizes I think they will be in the following season. While I keep a list for myself, I also make a list for grandma. My mother happened to come across several adorable spring and summer outfits the other day at an incredible deal, and she bought them as a part of my daughters’ Christmas gifts. This not only saves us money, but helps Grandma because she has less gifts to buy around the Christmas season.

3. Always buy a little big. Can you get two seasons out one outfit? The more your child wears her clothes, the less clothes you need to buy, and the more money you save. As long as their clothes don’t sloppy, buying big can save big.

4. Organize, organize organize. If you buy clothes over the summer months for the following season, you should have almost everything your children need when Fall arrives. When cooler weather does set in, bring out the boxes of clothes you have accumulated, wash, and sort everything. At that time, determine if there is anything else that’s needed. There’s nothing worse than having an adorable jumper without a matching blouse. Make a list of all of the seasonal items your child will need. Even if garage sale season is over, you can still find cute clothes at consignment or thrift stores. Also check your child’s underwear and sock supply at this time too. These basics make great stocking stuffers or additions to Christmas presents, so if it’s not a major emergency, wait until Christmas. Otherwise, make one store “run” and buy everybody’s socks and underwear when they’re on sale.

5. Get it while it’s on sale. There are always those few items your child will need, but you can never seem to find used. For some reason or other, jeans seem to be a problem for my first grader. I can never seem to find good-quality, used jeans in her size at garage sales or consignment stores in my area. This year after going through all of her Fall clothes, I realized her closet was completely stocked for school, with the exception of jeans. So, I waited until jeans were on sale, and I added two pairs of jeans to our school budget.

6. Develop a clothing budget. Set aside a small amount of money from each payment for clothes for your family. When you see clothes on sale or you need seasonal items, you’ll have the money saved. Your wallet will thank you for it.